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Do you want to move fast through Ścinawa? Just take a bike
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How it works? Ścinawski Rower Miejski

SRM stands for the latest generation of city bikes designed for you and tailored to your needs. You decide how long you will use the bike and where you will end your ride with SRM. We have combined simplicity with hi-tech for you to ride SRM bikes at any time, exploring the city and beyond.

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Do you want
a bike?
Take one and hop on!

Step 1

krok 1

Download the app aplikacja roovee and set up an account

Step 2

krok 2

Top up your account by transfer or card

Step 3

krok 3

Scan the QR code on the bike’s handlebar or the rear wheel lock – and hop on!

After the ride

krok 4

Lock up the rear wheel – and you're done! :)

Enjoy your ride!
Monitoring GPS 24/7

GPS 24/7

Parkuj, gdzie Ci pasuje

Park wherever you want

See the fee list
Masz pytania? Chcesz wypożyczyć rower bez apki? Dzwoń śmiało! BOK 22 300 51 19

Any problems? Just call us

22 300 51 19

Looking for rental stands? There are no stands!

You’re a few steps away from riding with SRM. Download the app, read the Terms & Conditions, set up an account, pay the initial fee, and have fun riding our bikes! The first 15 minutes are free, and then you will be charged as per the fee list. If you leave the bike in the ROOVEE PARK zone, you won't be charged any extra fee (for more details, please read the Terms & Conditions)

aplikacja roovee
płatności roovee

You don't want to pay? Then don’t

Leaving the bike in the SRM-ROOVEE PARK zone, you won’t be charged any extra. By bringing our bike back from outside the zone into the SRM-ROOVEE PARK, you will receive a bonus for the next ride (for more details, please read the Terms & Conditions).

  • blik
  • mastercard
  • visa


  • Deposit: 10 PLN
  • 60 minutes of ride: 2 PLN
  • leaving the bike outside the SRM-ROOVEE PARK ZONE: 10 PLN
  • The minimum balance of funds on your account: 10 PLN

All fees and penalties are listed in the Terms & Conditions.

FAQ questions
and answers

Don’t worry. Just leave your bike supported on the kickstand next to other bicycles, end your bike rental and enjoy the freedom of using the ROOVEE system.

No, you don’t need to do that. You can leave the bike in any other public place for an extra charge. Remember to read The SRM System Terms and Conditions.

Yes. We are planning to open new zones and add more bikes.

Yes. You can rent a bike using a special telecode. Contact our Customer Service at 22 300 51 19

Bikes should be left in public places which are accessible to everyone. You may not leave them on private properties, business premises, in closed cemeteries or in garages. For further information, refer to the Terms and Conditions.

Don’t leave bikes in places where GPS or GSM services are unavailable.

Remember to leave the bike supported on the kickstand. You may be charged extra for improper parking.

The maximum load of the basket is 5 kg.

The lights are controlled electronically and turn on automatically after dark.

SRM bikes are equipped in 7-speed derailleurs.

locate a SRM bike on the map

You can choose from 30 SRM bikes available in 3 SRM-ROOVEE PARK zones. Are you hurrying to work? Do you want to catch a train? You can leave our bike outside the parking zone (at an extra charge). Join now to enjoy the freedom of riding with our system!


  • Wirtualna sterfa SRM
    Recommended parking place
  • Zalecane miejsce postoju
    Reach of the SRM zone
  • Wolny rower
    Available bike
  • Rower aktualnie użytkowany
    Bike currently in use

Customer Service

Do you have any trouble launching the app? Is something wrong with a bike?
Contact our Customer Service:
22 300 51 19
or write to

You can also use the ROOVEE app to report any bike malfunctions.

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